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Hobsons Solutions helps you to improve your marketing, recruitment, enrolment and engagement efforts. At Hobsons, we recognise the need for a well-rounded solution that streamlines your business workflows and allows you to source quality leads, manage relationships with your prospects and upgrade your student service. We believe that every stakeholder should aim to evolve alongside the ever-growing industry. Hobsons Solutions can work with you to achieve that goal.

Our service and solutions are all about equipping you with best-practice technology to help you navigate the student lifecycle. Combined with experienced staff, we can help you consolidate relevant student data, continually improve implementation processes, build and manage relationships with students, and ensure a smart and smooth experience across all stages — enquiry, admission, enrolment and engagement.

Data that drives business is crucial in our book. This is why we publish the #HobsonsInsights series. You can benefit from our unrivalled data on key issues in higher education marketing and recruitment strategy, as well as in the K–12 space. We believe that quality data is pivotal if you want to market your brand and engage prospective students.

Why choose us? We measure our success through yours. Have you managed to secure more international and domestic prospects with personalised communication? Has your enquiry-to-enrolment conversion rate increased as a result of quality offers and admissions workflows? Are students satisfied with your follow-ups and engagement efforts? We believe our expertise can contribute to making that happen.

Collaborate with Hobsons Solutions and begin the journey to success.

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